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Tiny Gambia and the absurdity of its regime

In 2014 and 2015 the number of asylum applications from Gambian nationals in the European Union reached figures as high as 11,500 (to be specific, 11,465 in 2015 and 11,515 in 2014. Eurostat data). Of course, when compared with the astonishing numbers of Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis looking for peaceful shelter in the EU, the […]

The EU Agenda on Migration: a debate on the current situation and future developments

On May 4th, the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, in collaboration with the association ‘Asilo in Europa’, will hold a public meeting which aims to discuss the current difficult situation on migration and potential future developments. “Migrants and refugees: conflicts, borders, hotspots and relocations. The current situation and future developments” is the subtitle to the public […]

Summer School on Forced Migration and Asylum:
a Multidisciplinary Approach.
11-16 July 2016 BOLOGNA (IT)

Why participate? The Summer School, which received the support of several partners involved in the field of asylum and integration, will form a deep analysis of some fundamental issues associated with the current forced migration phenomenon paying specific attention to the importance of a methodological approach directed towards praxis. Geopolitics of forced migration, European policies […]

Muslims in Europe: Questions and Answers

Written by ENAR, the European Network Against Racism, member of the Asylum Corner Network As anti-Muslim manifestations increase in Europe, particularly in the aftermath of the dreadful Paris and Brussels attacks, we clarify some misconceptions and answer some of the most frequent questions about Muslims in Europe. Q: Who are Muslim Europeans? Muslims have been […]

Want to be a migrant for an hour? Art can help you do that. Medex Museum’s latest experiment.

A poster at the entrance of the exhibition invites the visitors to stop being themselves and become the person described on the leaflet they have been handed just a few seconds before, which should represent their new ID. Someone is Hanan, a fourteen-year-old teenager travelling from Aleppo with his family; someone else is Haytham, a […]

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