About us

Lai-momo is an Italian cooperative society, based in Bologna and Brussels, which provides services in the fields of social work, social and digital communication and research. At the very core of our work lie the topics of migrants’ integration, asylum seekers assistance, intercultural and anti-discriminatory education.

Lai-momo is committed to fostering the welcoming and integration of asylum seekers and migrants in Europe both by assisting them with on-field work and by setting up communication campaigns relevant to the problem.

Thanks to our longstanding experience and to our multi-professional staff, we were able to develop a wide-ranging knowledge that enables us to offer a broad set of innovative ideas and solutions to all types of socially related projects.

Taking part in the Italian national Program for Refugees’ and Asylum Seekers’ Protection (SPRAR), in the assistance of asylum seekers relocated to Italy under the Dublin Regulation and in welcoming projects for temporary situations such as the “Emergency North Africa”, the “Mare Nostrum Operation” and “Triton”, Lai-momo has stood since 2011 as a frontline player in the first and second reception of asylum seekers in the province of Bologna and the Emilia-Romagna region.

In the meantime, Lai-momo’s communication team has been working creatively and successfully to meet the challenges of a multicultural society. Over the last few years we have shown our deep commitment to making a brilliant and innovative use of digital media in the social sector, through the implementation of communication projects that have been granted the financial support of the European Institutions, the local government and several private foundations. Since 2014, Lai-momo has directed the communication campaign of the SPRAR Program in the city of Bologna.