The Asylum Diaries

What will it be like without the volunteers? The case of Soup and Socks in Greece’s refugee camps

  • 15 Giugno 2016

  If you often wonder how so many people can survive without starving in the makeshift camps of asylum seekers in Greece, the answer is usually “volunteers”. Despite the very limited media coverage, a gigantic solidarity machine is wandering around across Europe. Some people reach Greece on their own and stop where there’s more need, solely relying […]

Manufacturing fashion: an opportunity for asylum-seekers

  • 8 Giugno 2016

This year, the European Development Days 2016 that will take place in Brussels on June 15th and 16th will pay particular attention to migration dynamics and the reception and integration of asylum seekers in the European Countries. Within this framework, the International Trade Centre’s Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI) and the Italian cooperative society Lai-momo will […]

Beyond the wall: Solidarity with migrants in Hungary

  • 27 Luglio 2015

The voice of Migszol rises like a spark of solidarity in the night of the political and social xenophobic trends that Hungary is experiencing these days. As clearly defined in their Mission Statement, the purpose of this informal but steady gathering of Hungarians, migrants and refugees is to “advocate the realization of political and social […]

The cost of asylum seekers’ reception: Know the figures to avoid political manipulation

  • 20 Luglio 2015

“Most boats and dinghies shipping migrants through the central Mediterranean Sea land on the Italian shores. The first and second reception of these people fleeing from distressing and perilous situations is mostly burdened by the Italian State, causing a conspicuous and unbearable draining of financial resources that could be used elsewhere for the Italians”. These […]

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