How can we know about the real situation of refugees? Let’s listen to their voices!

  • 31 Marzo 2016

A family of Syrian refugees, trying to keep a sense of normality in their daily routine, takes their young boy for a stroll in a makeshift camp near the village of Idomeni on the Greek – FYR of Macedonia border. Credits: UNHCR/ Achilleas Zavallis

Written by the Greek Forum of Refugees, member of the Asylum Corner Network.

The Greek Forum of Refugees considers refugees at its very centre and seeks to give voice to those forgotten. Children, women and men, human beings like the rest of us who wish to integrate into their host society and live peaceful lives. By disclosing daily life experiences of refugees in Greece from their own perspectives, GFR aims to promote information on the rights of refugees and to denounce the violations of rights that hinder integration into Greek society. #RefugeesVoice campaign addresses these concerns through publishing videos through which refugees tell their stories alongside articles that aim to inform on the general concerns experienced by different refugee communities.

Regarding the latest developments in Greece and throughout the EU, it is essential to raise the voices of refugees in order to advocate for an effective implementation of their rights. These rights must be central to their integration in the host society.

Join us to fight for their integration! Against discrimination! Give them a voice – share their stories on and Facebook !

This campaign is supported by a grant from Foundation Open Society institute in cooperation with Open Society Initiative for Europe of the Open Society Foundations.


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