Conference “Welcoming is not simple. The challenge of inclusion of asylum seekers in the EU and at the local level”

  • 4 Febbraio 2016


The challenge posed today by the reception of asylum seekers in Europe puts under severe scrutiny the work and functioning of the European Institutions and civil society associations. But how are national and local authorities tackling the issue?

Italy in particular is today realizing that welcoming asylum seekers entails very practical, delicate and difficult actions, which could take into account the complexity of the relations between citizens, social workers and asylum seekers, who deserve not only basic goods but also legal assistance, information provision and listening services.

During the conference, the speakers will discuss the many topics connected to practices of reception as well as more global overviews and policies set up by international institutions. This is indeed the approach of Asylum Corner, the platform that will be presented during the conference, which attempts to create a common ground where the players working at different levels in the field of asylum could share their perspectives and spur a truly constructive debate.

For security reasons, participants should register by sending and email to before Tuesday 9th.

When and where

Wednesday February 10th, h 15:00-17,30
At the Emilia-Romagna Region, EU Office, Rue Montoyer 21, Brussels


Opening by Lorenza Badiello, Head of the EU Office, Emilia-Romagna Region


Michele Cercone, Head of Communication Sector, DG Home European Commission

Andrea Vonkeman, Senior Policy Officer, UNHCR Bureau for Europe

Nicolas Jacobs, Legal Service Deputy Director, Fedasil

Torsten Moritz, Executive Secretary, Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe

Andrea Marchesini Reggiani, President, Lai-momo Cooperative Society and Asylum Corner

Presentation of Asylum Corner by Claudia Marà

Moderator: Sandra Federici, Director of the journal Africa e Mediterraneo

Final Refreshment and networking

  • Alhassan Abdul Ganiyu on 26 Aprile 2016

    Returnees Integrated Dev Organization-RIDEO(Ghana,West Africa) will wish to part of your programmes and activities. Rideo is a young migrants organization made up of over 75,000 return migrants who are seeking reintegration,we also take upon ourselves to educate against unauthorized migration and to encourage voluntary return. We are curently working out something with goverment in West Africa. We constitute the mouth piece of marginalize return migrants.

    • asylumadmin on 27 Aprile 2016

      Dear Alhassan Abdul Ganiyu, thank you very much for your interest in Asylum Corner’s work and congratulations on the RIDEO programme, it looks indeed like an extremely interesting project. It would be great to talk further about returnees in Ghana, so please let us know more about your project by writing to our email address Hope to hear from you soon!

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