Massive Attack and the refugee crisis: Duley’s pictures in the British band tour

  • 10 Febbraio 2016

Credits: Martin Terber


The British duo Massive Attack, pioneers of the trip hop genre in the 1990s who have always been sensitive to social issues, have recently started a new tour which will lead them to several cities in Europe.

For the new show, the band has decided to collaborate with photographer Giles Duley, who has worked over the last few years with the UNHCR to report on the refugees’ journeys, shooting portraits of people who fled Syria and were later sheltered in Lebanon, the Greek islands and Calais. During the shows these images will be screened on big LED screens.

In a recent interview on Channel 4, the band claimed that the way Europeans will respond to the refugee crisis will define how they will be seen and remembered by future generations.

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